PCD Tools for Various Industries

Abrasive brushes, wire & steel wire, are used in many industries today, from automatic machinery and equipment such as CNC machining centers, as well as hand tools. Brushes offer an abrasive scrubbing action for cleaning and deburring.

Composite Cutter Technology is proud to work with many famous multinational corporations such as BoeingLockheed MartinNorthrop GrummanBell Helicopter, and General Dynamics.

The automotive sector is always improving and evolving. As the engines are tending to be downsized to comply with the fast pacing emission standards, their manufacturers require more and more sophisticated metalworking processes.

Composite materials have been widely adopted across many industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, architecture, energy, infrastructure, marine, and military. Along with the increasing complexity of products, so does the need to use the new, improved materials to bring these goods to life.

Over the last decades, computers dramatically changed the way we manufacture our goods. As a result of a short lifespan for the most electronic devices (a side effect of the fast evolution), demand for electronics will continue to rise year-over-year. Composite Cutter Technology offers competitive, U.S.-made custom PCD tools for the electronics industry.

From intricate surgical instruments to cutting-edge diagnostic tools, Composite Cutter Technology’s skilled team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure that every product we deliver exceeds expectations.

PCD has extremely high abrasion resistance. Our PCD tools can have 50–100 times longer tool life compared to conventional tools. PCD tools are recommended for machining the non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as aluminum, brass, composite materials, copper, fiberglass, green ceramics, and carbides. CBN tools are recommended for ferrous materials such as cast iron and steel.

Polycarbonates are amorphous thermoplastics known for toughness and transparency and they offer very high impact strength and elasticity. Polycarbonate lenses lead the optical industry in quality and clarity along with other plastic such as CR-39 and Trivex. Composite Cutter Technology created a specific PCD zipper blade that revolutionized the optical industry.

Diamond tools are necessary for woodworking applications because of the advantages in manufacturing. We have years of design research and developing high technological procedures for producing PCD tools for woodworking. Contact us to see how our PCD tools can be implemented in your manufacturing process to increase your profit and reduce turnaround time.