FAQ: What You Want to Know about Diamond Tooling

What is PCD?

Polycrystalline Diamond, PCD, is the hardest known material and has many advantages in manufacturing. PCD is a synthetic diamond produced by sintering together micron-sized pieces of diamond powder with a metal binder, typically cobalt, under extreme pressure and temperatures.

Why is diamond a good material for a cutting tool?

Diamond cutting tools provide many benefits including the excellent quality finish on the completed part, decreased tool changes, decreased scrap, and increased machine utilization.

What is the difference between PCD and CBN?

Both PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and CBN (cubic boron nitride) tools have their own application range and advantages in manufacturing. PCD is primarily used for machining non-ferrous metals, aluminium alloys and fiberglass materials. CBN is used for machining cast iron and hardened materials.

What is the best practice for handling diamond tools?

While not in use, a PCD tool should be kept in a special container. Do not allow tools to touch each other: it may cause damage on the cutting edge. Do not place tools on the hard surface. For removing chips or other dirt, use a soft brush or a wet cloth.

Can a diamond tool be repaired?

The answer is yes! A PCD tool can be repaired. Some of the tool wear types can be resharpened or re-tipped. Our engineers will evaluate a tool’s condition and recommend a best option for each particular case.

Do you have any patents?

CCT is proud to be the manufacturer of the patented SERF cutting tool. The tool was designed to simultaneously rough and finish cut composite materials.

What are your payment terms?

There are several payment options available. Credit card, COD and net 30 days upon open account approval.

Do you have a minimum order for manufacturing cutting tools?

No minimum order here. Our facility is set up to make 1 single piece to large quantity production runs.

What is standard PCD tools quote time?

Standard quote time is 24 hours from receiving the information required to complete the proper estimate.

What is standard delivery for cutting tools?

We typically quote 4-6 weeks. If we have material in stock, we may offer 1 day or 1 week delivery options.

Do you have a quality system in place?

Yes, quality is of the upmost importance at CCT. We have followed stringent quality procedures since day one and continue to build upon the policy. Since 2019, we have been ISO9001 and AS9100 compliant.

Do you provide an NDA?

Of course! We sign multi-party NDA’s with both our customers and suppliers. Communication is key to having parts made the way you need them so we start with an NDA from the beginning.