PCD Brush Cutter

PCD Brush Cutter

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  • Customer: brush manufacturer

  • Problem: street sweepers are made of abrasive brushes and need to be replaced and repaired


CCT manufactures PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped brush cutters to optimize the machining process of the brushes.


Composite Cutter Technology is pleased to offer various levels of services. When buying diamond cutting tools, you have the option to purchase new tools, retipped tools, and resharpened tools. Re-tipping and resharpening tools are economical solutions to help lower costs. You can get a quote and an expert advice in 24 hours.

Cutting Materials: PCD

  • Submicron Grain Size

  • Ultra Fine Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 4 µm Grain Size

  • 10 µm Grain Size

  • 25 µm Grain Size

  • Multi-modal Grain Size

Cutting Materials: PCBN

  • Low and High Content