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PCD Reamer

PCD Tool Reamer

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  • Cus­tomer: boat manufacturer

  • Prob­lem: our client was hav­ing qual­i­ty issues with their in house manufacturing


CCT designed a cus­tom sized PCD (poly­crys­talline dia­mond) ream­er that kept their holes with­in their inspec­tion require­ments and also had 120 times the tool life com­pared to the car­bide cut­ters they were using.


Com­pos­ite Cut­ter Tech­nol­o­gy is pleased to offer var­i­ous lev­els of ser­vices. When buy­ing dia­mond cut­ting tools, you have the option to pur­chase new tools, retipped tools, and resharp­ened tools. Re-tip­ping and resharp­en­ing tools are eco­nom­i­cal solu­tions to help low­er costs. You can get a quote and an expert advice in 24 hours.

Cutting Materials: PCD

  • Sub­mi­cron Grain Size

  • Ultra Fine Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 4 µm Grain Size

  • 10 µm Grain Size

  • 25 µm Grain Size

  • Mul­ti-modal Grain Size

Cutting Materials: PCBN

  • Low and High Content