Project Description

PCD Stationary Blade

PCD Stationary Blade
  • Cus­tomer: abra­sive brush cut­ters

  • Prob­lem: car­bide rotary tool wears too quick­ly


We were able to cre­ate a rotary and sta­tion­ary blade com­bi­na­tion that out­last­ed the orig­i­nal cut­ter by over 100%.

Cutting Materials: PCD

  • Sub­mi­cron Grain Size

  • Ultra Fine Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 4 µm Grain Size

  • 10 µm Grain Size

  • 25 µm Grain Size

  • Mul­ti-modal Grain Size

Cutting Materials: PCBN

  • Low and High Con­tent