PCD Stationary Blade

PCD Stationary Blade

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  • Customer: abrasive brush cutters

  • Problem: carbide rotary tool wears too quickly


We were able to create a PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) rotary and stationary blade combination that outlasted the original carbide cutter by over 100%.


Composite Cutter Technology is pleased to offer various levels of services. When buying diamond cutting tools, you have the option to purchase new tools, retipped tools, and resharpened tools. Re-tipping and resharpening tools are economical solutions to help lower costs. You can get a quote and an expert advice in 24 hours.

Cutting Materials: PCD

  • Submicron Grain Size

  • Ultra Fine Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 2 µm Grain Size

  • 4 µm Grain Size

  • 10 µm Grain Size

  • 25 µm Grain Size

  • Multi-modal Grain Size

Cutting Materials: PCBN

  • Low and High Content