Cur­rent­ly, there are numer­ous kinds of mate­ri­als for cut­ting tools on the mar­ket. There is no “per­fect” mate­r­i­al meet­ing all the needs for all the appli­ca­tions. Let’s com­pare poly­crys­talline dia­mond (PCD) and car­bide cut­ting tools.

PCD is a syn­thet­ic dia­mond man­u­fac­tured by sin­ter­ing togeth­er micron-sized pieces of dia­mond par­ti­cles with a met­al binder, typ­i­cal­ly cobalt, under intense pres­sure and tem­per­a­tures. Poly­crys­talline dia­mond is the hard­est man-made mate­r­i­al on the plan­et and demon­strates extreme hard­ness, high abra­sion resis­tance, and an excel­lent option for cut­ting tools. The hard PCD cut­ting edge pro­vides high resis­tance to wear, longer machin­ing runs, and improved sur­face fin­ish on the man­u­fac­tured prod­uct. PCD cut­ting tools can have up to a 50–100 longer tool life than oth­er mate­ri­als. Dia­mond tool han­dling requires spe­cial care and han­dling tech­niques to pre­vent any dam­age while the tool is not in use. PCD is the mate­r­i­al choice for machin­ing abra­sive mate­ri­als and is rec­om­mend­ed for machin­ing non-fer­rous mate­ri­als such as alu­minum, brass, com­pos­ite mate­ri­als, cop­per, fiber­glass, green ceram­ics, etc.

Car­bide is a com­pound mate­r­i­al made by press­ing and sin­ter­ing tung­sten car­bide par­ti­cles with cobalt and nick­el. Car­bide is a hard mate­r­i­al and with high com­pres­sive tough­ness. Car­bide is used for index­able cut­ting tool inserts and full car­bide cut­ting tools depend­ing on the strength of the tool required. While they out­last con­ven­tion­al steel tools and they have a short­er life than PCD. Car­bide tools pro­vide an eco­nom­i­cal solu­tion for short man­u­fac­tur­ing runs where PCD is too expen­sive. Car­bide is used for machin­ing stain­less steel, cast iron tita­ni­um alloy, and non-fer­rous materials.

You can rely on our engi­neers when look­ing for the best tool to fit your spe­cif­ic needs. Some spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion we need to get start­ed include the following:

  • The mate­r­i­al you want to process with our tools.
  • How long you plan to use the tools: days, weeks, or months.
  • Sur­face fin­ish qual­i­ty requirements.

By pro­vid­ing such infor­ma­tion, you are help­ing us cre­ate the prop­er tool, includ­ing the grade of PCD (from sub­mi­cron to mul­ti-modal grain size) or car­bide to fit var­i­ous applications.

Whether you need PCD, CBN, car­bide, HSS, or dif­fer­ent types of cut­ting tools, our engi­neers are here to help you make the best deci­sion for your appli­ca­tion. Feel free to request a quote or call us at (847) 740‑6875.