Pre­ci­sion machin­ing, an advanced man­u­fac­tur­ing tech­nique, is the removal of mate­r­i­al result­ing in a close tol­er­ance part. Com­pos­ite Cut­ter Tech­nol­o­gy part­ners with local man­u­fac­tures to be the one-stop shop for all your machin­ing needs. We have advanced machine tools, soft­ware and high­ly-expe­ri­enced oper­a­tors. Our mul­ti-axis work cells sup­ply the machin­ing nec­es­sary to pro­vide accu­rate parts for our customers.

Types of CNC Machines


EDM is the removal process where a thin wire is used to cut through con­duc­tive mate­ri­als such as poly­crys­talline dia­mond, poly­crys­talline cubic boron nitride, alu­minum, steel and car­bide. The sta­tion­ary work­piece is sub­merged in deion­ized water and the wire is used to change the shape and size of the work­piece. CNC Wire EDM machines are used at CCT with wire diam­e­ter as small as 0.002”.
Cur­rent equip­ment list con­tains 7 EDM machines, includ­ing CNC:

  • FANUC Robo­Cut C400iB-10
  • Sod­ick AQ327L (5 axis)
  • Accu­tex SP-500 (5 axis)
  • 3x Charmilles Andrew EF 320/330 (4 axis)
  • Agie 100 C (5 axis)

Turn­ing is a machin­ing process where the work piece rotates and the cut­ting tool remains sta­tion­ary. Turn­ing is com­mon­ly used to describe remov­ing mate­r­i­al on the exter­nal sur­faces and bor­ing is com­mon­ly used to describe remov­ing inter­nal sur­face mate­r­i­al. The work piece can be reshaped and resized. Both turn­ing and bor­ing are com­plet­ed on a CNC, com­put­er numer­i­cal con­trol, lathe.

Cur­rent equip­ment list includes 9 CNC turn­ing cen­ters, 5 axis, sub spin­dles, twin tur­ret, bar capac­i­ty .25″ – 2.75″, horse­pow­er up to 30 hp:

  • 7x Dae­woo / Doosan
  • Mill­tron­ics
  • Turn­mas­ter
  • Claus­ing (man­u­al)
  • Hardinge (man­u­al)

Milling is a machin­ing process where the work piece is sta­tion­ary and the cut­ting tool rotates and advances to remove mate­r­i­al. End­mills, router and inserts are used to shape the mate­r­i­al to the close tol­er­ances not­ed on the prints. The work piece can be resized and reshaped using a CNC mill.

Cur­rent equip­ment list includes 21 ver­ti­cal machin­ing cen­ters, 4 axis, machine trav­els 20″ x 40″, horse­pow­er 3.5 — 25 hp:

  • 11x Mill­tron­ics VMC (con­ver­sa­tion­al controls)
  • 4x Dae­woo VMC
  • Lead­well (pal­let machine)
  • Hur­co VMC
  • Oku­ma VMC
  • SWI Trak VMC

Grind­ing is the act of remov­ing mate­r­i­al by using abra­sive wheels to remove the mate­r­i­al on the work piece. The grind­ing wheel rotates and acts as a cut­ting tool while the work piece either rotates or remains sta­tion­ary depend­ing on the tool require­ments. Grind­ing leaves a high qual­i­ty sur­face fin­ish and close tol­er­ances. CCT uti­lizes with both CNC and man­u­al grind­ing machines.

Cur­rent equip­ment list con­tains 9 grind­ing machines includ­ing CNC, hydraulic and man­u­al operation:

  • Cheva­lier Smart CNC- H1224II
  • 4x Grind‑X Okamo­to ACC12-24DXB
  • Boyar Shultz (Hyd)
  • Mit­sui (man­u­al)
  • 2x Maki­no C‑40 Uni­ver­sal Cut­ter Grinder
  • Addi­tion­al sup­port­ive equipment
  • Braz­ing equip­ment, in-house heat treat­ing, in-house anodiz­ing, inspec­tion equip­ment and sup­port equip­ment for all the pre­ci­sion machin­ing services

Let us know if you have any ques­tions about pre­ci­sion machining.